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  • 28.11.2016
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What is temporary auto insurance? Arizona residents may have a need for insurance that’s just for a short period of time. They can get temporary auto insurance for a few days, a week, a few weeks, a month, even just for a day.

Why would someone need insurance for a day?

If you need to move a vehicle that has been temporarily taken off the road, consider getting temporary auto insurance. Arizona Arizona companies can cover you for various types of temporary auto insurance Arizona Arizona coverage and for varying amounts of time.

Some people take their chances and move a vehicle without the proper insurance. This can be a big mistake. Sure, you could get away with it. You might not get stopped by police. You might not get into an accident. But what if something goes wrong?

It is illegal to drive without insurance in Arizona. It is illegal to drive without insurance in most places. If stopped, and you’re unable to provide proof of insurance or proof of financial responsibility that would exclude you from needing insurance, you will be subject to: fines, problems obtaining regular insurance in the future (you may be required to fill out an SR22 form), and you could have your license suspended as well as your vehicle towed.

Even worse than being stopped and being caught by authorities without adequate insurance would be: getting into an accident with another vehicle or causing damage to someone’s property with your vehicle. If you are deemed at fault, you could face a financial nightmare in temporary s of legal costs. In Arizona, you are required to carry $12,500.00 in bodily injury insurance for an individual and $25,000 total plus $7,500 for property damage. It’s a full vs limited tort state so people in an accident with you could also sue you for pain and suffering damages. A judge isn’t likely to look too kindly on someone who doesn’t follow the law with regard to insurance.

What about other insurance types?

While there is a law required for liability insurance, other temporary auto insurance Arizona (or elsewhere in Arizona), there aren’t laws regarding other types of insurance. You don’t need to buy collision insurance. You don’t need to buy comprehensive insurance. You also don’t need, by law, to cover yourself in case you’re in an accident with someone without insurance. But shouldn’t you at least consider it?

What are the recommended insurance coverage amounts?

There’s no single answer to the insurance recommendations. Most experts will agree that the bare minimum isn’t enough in the case of a serious crash. Because you’re signing up for temporary insurance coverage for a short period of time you might think you’re fine to go with the bare minimum. Don’t make this decision lightly. Definitely look at all the factors involved and potential for financial loss as well. Certain vehicles carry more risk of serious damage and certain seasons and driving conditions increase your risks as well. Think of how you’ll be using that vehicle. While it may not seem too risky to simply add liability at the bare minimum, hindsight is 20/20. Hopefully you won’t go back and analyze that decision with regrets.

The number of uninsured Arizona motorists are expected to be in the double digits, especially in the current economy where many people are having financial difficulties. Some have let their insurance policies lapse but do continue to drive their cars, SUVS, and trucks. If you’re in an accident with them, even if you’re just signing up for a one day policy for temporary auto insurance, Arizona drivers who are insured could wind up without reimbursement for their expenses because the accident happened with someone without coverage. Even if someone has the minimum coverage, what if your expenses are higher than that $12,500? Buying extra insurance coverage can put your mind at ease, even if it’s just for temporary auto insurance.


Arizona residents have a lot of options when it comes to where to buy insurance. Consumers who spend time doing a bit of homework can get a really great deal. Not only can you get competitive rates for your temporary insurance but you can also get more than your money’s worth. Even if you just need insurance for a month’s time, say, to put your heavy duty “winter” car on the road for the month with the heaviest snowfall, you could save money by shopping around for the best policy at the best price.

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